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Lung Health Centre

Lung Health Centre is a non-profit organisation that aims to provide diagnosis and treatment for chronic lung diseases. Our initial focus will be on the diagnosis and treatment of COPD and Asthma in Sierra Leone. We will also undertake research to better understand these diseases and the causative factors.

Breathing Well Matters

 We are determined to bring UK standard respiratory care to Sierra Leone, where there are no Specialist Respiratory Physicians, pulmonologists and clinics to diagnose and treat Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Asthma. 

These are diseases that take many lives but remain undiagnosed and mostly untreated. We are working to change this.  

Last year we sponsored the country’s first-ever COPD guideline. We are currently running a four-week pilot screening programme in Bo, Southern Sierra Leone. 


Lung Health Centre is currently running a month long Asthma and COPD pilot screening in Bo - Sierra Leone

How You Can Help

With your support we will be able to provide better diagnosis and treatment for  Asthma and COPD Patients.

£10 donation can provide inhaler for 1 patient for 30 days.

£30 donation can provide 2 fingertip oximeters.

£50 donation can reach the unreachable, supporting a rural outreach campaign.

£200 donation can fund 1 full time Nurse for  2 months.

You can also partner with us, Fundraise for us, or volunteer as a medical practitioner.

Our success is Your success.

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