Our Vision, Mission & Goal

Our Vision, Mission and Goal are why we do what we do at Lung Health Centre and our hopes for the future.

Our Vision

We envision a Sierra Leone where all her citizens can benefit from excellence in clinical care and dependable and result-oriented services, from diagnosis and treatment through to data gathering through the use of advanced clinical equipment and devices.

Lung Health Centre will realise this vision by creating an alliance of committed and determined stakeholders who share the belief that an excellent clinical care and socio-environmental research system focused on delivering accurate diagnosis, treatment and research into causative factors is the key to becoming the premier lung diseases and research-intensive centre in Sierra Leone and in delivering our shared goal.

To realise our shared vision, there are many impediments that must be addressed:

  • The ineptitudes and inadequacies in the clinical research enterprise must be overcome to help create COPD awareness and other chronic lung diseases.
  • Clinical research processes must be made clear and enhanced wherever they are most susceptible to flaws from regulatory, business and ethical perspectives.
  • An extended team of well qualified clinical research investigators and sites must be developed around the country, starting with the second largest city – Bo Town.
  • As a standard, a culture of safety and quality must be formed to help rebuild trust and confidence in clinical care and research, irrespective of how and where it is conducted in the country. Public engagement is key to this end to help create awareness with regards to COPD and Asthma as our main focus for a start.
  • Forces would need to coordinate in creating an ecosystem responsive to change in spite of social, economic, regulatory or professional difficulties. This will serve to improve the wellbeing of our patients and research participants and ensure betterbreathing for all, especially the less opportune in Sierra Leone.

We are aware that our vision is a tall order and one that is easy to define but quite challenging to implement. Nonetheless, we are equally aware that, where there is combined effort and belief, nothing is impossible.

Our Mission

Lung Health Centre is committed to providing a greater understanding of chronic lung diseases with a starting focus on diagnosing and treating, and investigating the prevalence and determinants of COPD and Asthma.

In order to achieve this, finding the most effective, pioneering, ethical means of building, applying and sustaining a cohesive and all-inclusive countrywide structure that will help deliver LHC research objectives in a timely and cost-effective manner.

A structure for this purpose is a team of networking, interconnected and co-dependent components creating an intricate coherence that must endeavour together in achieving a set goal. This interdependence of factors, so inherent to structure-thinking, has deep ramifications when establishing a country-wide system for clinical care and research organisation as LHC. The diversity of knowledge in our Board of Trustees already demonstrate this structure.

However, no single organisation can shape the complete structure as only the shared sum of its components holds the information necessary to build a structure that guarantees the affinity and inter-operability of its components.

Lung Health Centre’s solution to this impasse is a simple-sync of all the many stakeholders characterising all of the “sectors” of our clinical care and research endeavour and, over their shared capability and cooperation, create an all-inclusive, integrated structure that is well-balanced and most importantly, one that serves to benefit all. To help with this, we have been given the privilege to work closely with Cambridge University Hospital (CUH) Respiratory Department and Cambridge Global Health Partners (CGHP) also part of CUH. We will also work hard to build the same relationship with the Sierra Leone Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MOHS) and College of Medicine and Allied Health Science (COMAHS). We will further engage with local communities as they also have a vital role to play. 

Our Goal

Promoting evidence-based care, clinical excellence, research participant integrity, expert knowledge, and passion are the foundation of Lung Health Centre.

Lung Health Centre will support research and development with education on state-of-the-art treatments and domiciliary therapies where our efforts could improve health and prevent and manage COPD and Asthma initially as well as other chronic lung diseases as our capacity increases.

We strive to provide and enhance a cohesive environment of clinical excellence where faculty is inspired and challenged to push the boundaries of knowledge creation. To stimulate clinical care and research leaders in Sierra Leone and around Africa to partner with us in the advancement of knowledge discovery and the translation of discoveries into tangible benefits for society, not only in and around Sierra Leone but internationally as well.

We aim to establish a fresh breath of insights among communities in all ways and ensure the optimal and effective use of intellectual, financial and physical resources to foster an environment of clinical excellence throughout that will help create the awareness needed to help diagnose, treat or manage COPD and Asthma.

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Our Vision, Mission & Goal

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